How Research in Molecular Electronics Can Benefit All of Us

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  2. March 24, 2014 4:27 am

How Research in Molecular Electronics Can Benefit All of Us

Ever since interest in nanotechnology started growing, research in molecular electronics has intensified as well. In molecular electronics, components are made from single molecules, which are the smallest structures that we can work with. One obvious benefit of taking advantage of this technology is that we will be able to create electrical circuits that are much smaller, more sophisticated, reliable and energy efficient.

The miniaturization of electrical components has been going on for several decades and is still ongoing. As we make smaller devices, we can increase processing speed, functionality, as well as lower the cost of manufacturing each product.

Several industries could benefit from the ongoing research in molecular electronics. As we live in a world that is increasingly “connected”, we all use electronic devices as part of our daily lives. The application of new technology in the field of electronic could result in consumer devices that can be more functional and efficient. This can also be beneficial to systems used in business, like servers, network switches, load balancers and routers. A device that would need to have several interconnected components could be made to fit on a single chip. More efficient data storage mediums could be developed, which would be able to store huge quantities of data in a smaller space.

The medical field can certainly benefit from research in molecular electronics as well. Devices that are used to diagnose and treat certain medical conditions could be made to perform more efficiently, all while using less energy in the process. New devices could be developed, which would allow medical researchers to get a better understanding of some medical conditions and find better ways to treat them.

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